Affiliate Your Practice

National Dental understands how hard you have worked to develop your practice. However, great dental care should not be hard; it should be fulfilling. Affiliating your practice with National Dental is the simplest and most reliable way to eliminate the cost, time and headache of running an individual practice. That’s why we want to help you take your practice to the next level by offering our experience and expertise with dental practice fulfillment. Whether you operate one, two, three or 20 offices, National Dental will professionally and expertly support your practice so you can concentrate solely on rewarding your patients with the most fulfilling patient and dental care they deserve.

How We Can Help You and Your Practice

There are plenty of reasons to affiliate yourself with National Dental. If you can see retirement approaching and would like your legacy to live on or if you are tired of having to deal with the weighty administrative responsibilities of owning a practice, affiliating with National Dental is a great alternative! We will make sure to build an affiliation that will benefit both you and us so that you can stop worrying about the tedium of owning a private practice and can start thinking about the things that make dentistry enjoyable to you.

How Many Hats Do you Wear?

Between issues like payroll, procurement, supervisory responsibilities, insurance negotiations, hiring, and human resources, there is barely any time left to be a dental professional. If you are tired of having to constantly fill in roles that you feel you shouldn’t have to, consider letting us bridge the gaps. Joining National Dental’s affiliate program will mean being compensated well for the output that your produce in your field of expertise. No more having to switch gears, no more dealing with unwanted or uncomfortable issues.

We Take Care of Business

We Work To Build A Trusting RelationshipWe understand how hard it is to start a private practice from the ground up, which is why we offer such an impressive affiliate program. When you show interest in our affiliate program, we will begin the process by listening to your desires. Our goal is to give you what you want while ensuring a smooth transition to avoid costly issues. We will work with you to build a relationship built on trust and mutual goals.

Clarity is KeyWe will schedule a meeting with you so that we can be sure that we understand your needs. We will tour your facilities so that we understand what will need to be done on our end to bring your practice into our affiliate program.

Discuss Fair ValueConsidering the equity and clientele that you have built will help us to determine what a fair deal would look like for your practice. We understand that every practice is unique and represents years of hard work by both you and your staff.

Managing The Transition From Beginning To EndMaking sure that the acquisition process is carried out without a hitch is our top priority. We will help to walk you and your advisors through every step of the process. We will introduce and train your staff according to an agreed upon format that is comfortable for everyone.

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