Tooth by tooth, your quality of life can slowly decline until you finally realize you can tolerate it no longer. You miss being able to eat things as simple as a sandwich and you feel less confident than ever in your smile. However, All on 4 dental implants offer the opportunity to eat your favorite foods and smile with full confidence again. Take a look at how All on 4 dental implants can drastically restore both your smile and quality of life.

Some people try not to get their hopes up with dental implants, after being disappointed with the lack of stability conventional dentures brought them. But once they start eating food with their dental implants, it can be a truly emotional experience to again have the ability to comfortably eat things such as sandwiches, meats, peanut butter, whole fruit and more.

With conventional dentures, speaking can take a bit more thought and effort than it may seem like it should. When the dentures just won’t stay in place, they may start to distort the sound of your words. For some people, this is a minor headache. And for others, it can be a major embarrassment. All on 4 dental implants will keep your implant-supported dentures firmly in place, so you can put more thought into your words and less thought into the way they come out of your mouth.

Conventional dentures are notorious for slipping out of place. And as a result, they’re also notorious for agitating the inside of mouths. But with your implant-supported dentures anchored by dental implants, you won’t know the discomfort you’re missing out on – unless you’ve worn conventional dentures extensively beforehand.

All on 4 dental implants and overdentures are much easier to maintain than conventional dentures. You don’t have to fuss with applying and removing adhesives and you can brush them just like natural teeth, though you’ll have to take care to clean the bottom of your implant-supported dentures as well.

All on 4 Dental Implants in NYC
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