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Teeth Tomorrow®- Full Arch Implants in 48 Hours

You deserve to live your best life, but when you have multiple failing or missing teeth, it becomes a challenge to even smile. At National Dental, we understand the impact your teeth play in your life and are proud to offer the transformative solution known as Teeth Tomorrow. The revolutionary Teeth Tomorrow procedure allows us to place five to six dental implants and attach a custom temporary bridge in just 48 hours. Teeth Tomorrow gives you a complete set of natural-looking and functional teeth that are secured into your jaw the day after surgery so you won’t have to live with an incomplete or flawed smile again.

What Makes Teeth Tomorrow Different?

The Teeth Tomorrow solution will give you a permanent set of beautiful Prettau® Zirconia teeth that are more durable, attractive and healthier than bridges created from traditional materials! Our Teeth Tomorrow bridge is made from one solid piece of Prettau Zirconia that is hand-crafted, painted and finished to match your smile perfectly. This material is non-porous to resist stains and does not absorb odors or bacteria. Since it is made of one solid piece, your new teeth will be stronger than traditional bridges that have multiple materials fused together.
This is NOT the case with Teeth Tomorrow.

We also won’t make you sit in the office chair after your implant surgery while we construct your temporary teeth. You can go home, rest and recover for a day, then return tomorrow to receive your customized temporary teeth. Within 48 hours of surgery, you will leave our office with a beautiful, functional temporary prosthesis that will be worn for three to six months while your new implants heal and your Prettau Zirconia teeth are created.

Results Unique
to Teeth Tomorrow

  • Implants placed and temporary bridge placed in 48 hours
  • Prettau Zirconia finalized teeth
  • Digitally designed and planned
  • No odors or staining of teeth
  • Resistant to chips, fractures and wear

Are You A Candidate
for Teeth Tomorrow?

Receiving Teeth Tomorrow full arch dental implants for a completely new smile is a life changing experience. If you are interested in full arch dental implants through the Teeth Tomorrow process, we encourage you to make a free consultation with our doctors. During this consultation we will examine your mouth, discuss the process, address your fears or concerns and determine a treatment plan unique to you. A good candidate for Teeth Tomorrow will have multiple failing or missing teeth, adequate jaw bone volume to support the implants, and a desire to change their life and enjoy a new and improved smile!

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No Reason for Fear with
Teeth Tomorrow

When you choose National Dental for your full arch dental implant Teeth Tomorrow procedure, you can rest at ease knowing you are in good hands. We are the premier location for Teeth Tomorrow in New York, NY, and have the experience, skills and technology to back our team up. We use digital, computer-generated implant guides for planning and performing surgery, so that every implant is in its precise and optimum location. For those with dental fear or anxiety about receiving this defining treatment, our team is certified to provide IV sedation, which allows you to receive your care without worry or sensations of discomfort.

Smiling middle-aged woman with dental implants embracing silver-haired husband

Looking for a New Smile?

Imagine coming into our practice with your current teeth and leaving 48 hours later with a completely transformed smile for life! Get started with Teeth Tomorrow by scheduling a consultation with our team by contacting us online or calling at (516) 696-7900.

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